Dodford 2 Seat Bench

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New for 2017

Sit back and enjoy your garden with your Dodford 2 seat bench with built in storage box.

Perfect for small patio gardens.

“Beautiful gardens deserve beautiful furniture”
Product Code: WEA-DOD-2.
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Frequently asked questions!

Q: How do I protect my furniture?

A: You can buy a cover for winter months to help protect the colour and maintain the original look.

Q: What should I treat my wooden furniture with?

A: You can use a teak oil which helps to maintain the original characteristics and apply a sealer 5 days later.

Q: When should I treat my wooden furniture?

A: You can treat your furniture at any time as long as you furniture is dry from damp and wet. If you treat your furniture when not dry you can cause bruising to appear where you have sealed the damp in your furniture.

Q: If I don’t treat my wooden furniture what will happen to it?

A: It will mellow to a silver grey look.

Q: Why is my wooden furniture splitting?

A: Splitting in all wood is completely natural. This is due to the loss of natural moisture & minerals which causes the tops and ends of the arms of chairs to shrink and splitting may appear.


Additional information

Weight 24.8 kg
Dimensions 119.5 × 65.5 × 91 cm

Ready to Assemble

Max Weight Permitted

240 kg


To maintain the look of your furniture in winter months protect with a cover or you may use Teak Oil and sealer to help protect your furniture's original look. If left your companion seat will mellow to a silver grey.

Product Materials

Made from FSC Acacia


Amber coloured


1 Year